My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

March update

It’s been so good to be able to get out into the garden the past couple of days even for just an hour at a time. I am a fair weather gardener but really miss being able to potter about in winter. I’ve planted some new primulas (pictures below) and discovered by reading the label (something I only really do with unfamiliar plants) that they are scented. It’s a shame they are so low down really! Just as I had finished that task my snowdrops arrived in the post so they too have been planted in small groups. Today I have finally sowed my sweetpeas (a pink and white vintage variety dating back to the 1730s) in my electric propagator, a little late I guess but better late than never.

Here are a few pictures of what’s currently flowering in my garden.

Sorry about the thumb in this picture but it’s the only way I could get the flower to look at me due to its ‘downward facing habit’. It’s a hellebore by the way


Wordless Wednesday- snow

Apologies that the last post was empty, I forgot to press insert for my picture!


I know my snowdrops are a bit late to the party but here they are. They are smaller than I was expecting and I also planted about 5 clumps and these are the only ones to come up. I will be getting more and trying them in slightly different places. I guess they don’t like our extremely wet clay soil.

First hellebores and first crocus of the season

Iris flowering

Just a little blog to show my Iris bulbs flowering, they came up yesterday. I haven’t even got the snowdrops yet and I thought they usually came first

Late New Years greetings!

Happy new year! Sorry it’s late but I like to include a picture on my posts and there is nothing flowering in the garden at the moment. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are signs of life with bulbs and other plants.

Anyway, today I bought some pink lilies for my owl planter (he has a separate post of his own but I’ll include a picture too). Also on the pink theme – some sweet-peas – Painted lady which are apparently very old and intensely fragrant. I will be planting these in my electric propagator soon.

Lovely Christmas present

Look what Father Christmas bought me! A lovely owl planter so now what to put in it is the question

Wishing you a happy Christmas and joyful New Year

This is likely to be the last blog post of the year so here I am thanking you my lovely readers and wishing you a peaceful Christmas and joyful New Year. I hope you manage a little time to consider what we are actually celebrating this season.

I leave you with a picture of our real tree that lives outside in a pot most of the year and we decorate at Christmas. It might be the third or fourth year for this tree.

Snowy pictures of my garden

It actually snowed at the weekend but hasn’t melted yet as it’s still so cold!

November 2017 in my garden 

What is your flowering in your garden this month I hear you ask? Well, not a huge amount I’m afraid but I’ve had a little trip round the garden with my camera and hopefully these are things I haven’t shown you before.

A little Borage plant growing under the lupin – not I hasten to add where it was planted 

A red valerian that was moved from another part of the garden earlier in the year as it has a mission to take over. It’s the first time it’s flowered since being in a pot

This plant I have shown before but it’s flowering for a second time with a different coloured flower. I have managed to kill a number of echinacea plants in the past few years so need to find out how to keep this one alive and flowering for more than 1 season. Any ideas are gratefully received