My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Spring in my Cheshire garden

This is my favourite time of year when everything is growing, blossoming and the evenings are lighter longer every day but it’s not hot. I am not a fan of extremes of weather, whether hot or cold!

I have sweetpea and cosmos seeds coming up in the greenhouse and more to sow.

Here is what’s currently flowering/ blossoming in my garden. Including a forsythia, camellia and magnolia.


First daffodil to flower

This is daffodil Minnow and they have appeared in the last few days

March 2019 in my garden

Greetings from a dull day in my South Manchester garden in the UK! It has actually been unseasonably warm this week and I’ve been able to go out without my coat.

Every time I go outside something new is flowering or growing, it’s an exciting time for gardeners. So here are my pictures, I apologise for the tarpaulin in the picture of the tree, the summer house roof needs fixing and I don’t yet know how to edit my pictures so that it’s not in the shot. I want to learn this!

Wordless Wednesday- crocus

Snowdrop walk at Rode Hall

Some weeks ago my friend and I planned a trip for today to Rode Hall to see the snowdrops. We attempted it last year but the weather was poor and we didn’t make it. So today, it was forecast to be bad again but we thought we’d chance it. It was closed yesterday but when I checked if open today I got no response.

This place is actually featured on Country Life’s top 10 places to see snowdrops and when you visit you can see why, it’s very pretty. As I’ve been before I didn’t take many pictures but sometimes I just can’t resist as I want to look at the pretty.

It’s near Congleton in Cheshire and less than an hours drive for me. It’s open til 3rd March if you are interested. The website is http://www.rodehall.co.uk


This should be a wordless Wednesday post really as I have nothing to add to the picture! But I work on Wednesdays and don’t have time for blogging.

Snow in my garden

It’s one of my days off today and I had lots of plans – not sure I’ll be doing any of them. I don’t like driving in the snow and walking even less. Sadly they included replacing my boots that let the water in. Oh well, I’ll have to put up with wet feet a bit longer!

I do, however, love looking at the snow so here’s what my garden looks like today


I actually managed about half an hour in my garden weeding and tidying up and noticed these flowering. Aren’t they lovely? I’m looking for a specific snowdrop ‘Wendy’s gold’ next, but also would like some more snowdrops in general to cheer up the garden

New hellebore

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ll be aware that these are my favourite winter flower. So delicate and a welcome addition to an otherwise dead garden in winter.

My local garden centre were giving 50% off any outdoor plant this month and I just loved this particular plant so coulbgt resist it for £6.50! I love the uprightness of flower, colour and the fact it’s a bit bigger than normal. No idea where I will plant it though!

Happy new year 2019!

Sorry it’s late but I wanted a picture of something flowering to join my blog and I’ve only just found it!

My camellia (Debbie), that’s the of it not my name for her has flower out. It’s lives in the greenhouse in winter only because it’s a container as I didn’t know whereabouts in the garden to plant it. They can be kept outside in winter if in the ground.

I also have hyacinths flowering and giving off a fantastic scent.