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Wordless Wednesday- sidalcea


Wordless Wednesday- pink lily

New plants

I’ve bought a few new very pretty plants recently. 2 new blue delphiniums although I did wait til I knew where one would be planted before buying it. I have fallen in love with another today but I left it in the shop for now. I didn’t fancy putting it in a hot office for the afternoon. Hoping it might be there next time I go to that shop.

Also a beautiful red penstemon which is actually planted in the front not with all the others in the back.

Wordless Wednesday- sweetpeas

Castle Mey grown from seed in February

Wordless Wednesday- penstemon


Here are 2 of my dahlias that have started flowering this week. I only really like the dark leaved single flowered varieties which I believe the bees prefer too. The first is one of the happy single ones and second is Moonfire


These must be one of the highlights of my garden currently and are in the replacement bed (by the front door) of the original Wendy’s wonderland garden. The name of this blog. Although the blog actually refers to the whole garden. I do have a white delphinium elsewhere and would definitely like more. As long as I don’t let the slugs at them when they first appear all is good and they need staking when tall.

Wordless Wednesday – lilies

Wordless Wednesday- Iris

First roses of the season

I was feeling quite left out seeing lots of pictures online of roses flowering but tonight I’ve noticed ours are too! Hoorah. The first is called ‘hot chocolate’ and is relatively new with a gorgeous scent, not of chocolate I have to say. Good job as I’d want to eat it! But I really don’t see the point of roses without scent!

This last one is also relatively new and called Nostalgia. Again with a lovely scent and it’s not quite out yet but has lots of lovely new growth