My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Anomalies in the garden 

As many of my readers will know I sowed and then planted pale yellow cosmos but today i have noticed this pink one flowering! Now I do like pink in the garden, however, not when I’m expecting pale yellow.

Secondly, last year I ordered 3 blue scabious plants online from a company I won’t name but whose plants are often dead on arrival! The plant is now flowering and guess what, its not blue, it’s white. Once again I am very fond of white in the garden but blue would have made a nice change. Now there is a hydrangea also in that flower bed which Daddy put ericaceous compost round so there is a tiny chance it’s changed the colour of this plant as well but we may never know. It’ll be interesting to see if the other plants turn out blue!

July in my garden

It’s a lovely sunny day here today with blue sky. Although I have to say it was raining 2 hours ago on the washing! You just don’t know what weather you are getting next!

I sowed my wallflowers in the greenhouse yesterday and have Sweet William still to do, again, the last batch gave poor results so I’ve bought new seeds and I’ll try again.

The sweetpeas are giving off a lovely scent as I walk round the garden.

A few pictures of what’s currently flowering here this month, slightly spoilt for choice at the moment! All pictures from the front garden of the semi detached bought and mum and daddy a few years ago. The garden is quite a work in progress and is likely to change a bit this season as plants are added and moved about. 

First picture isn’t actually flowering but daddy brought a twig home from Madeira one year and it’s grown into this. It has purple flowers and is a Tradescantia I think.

These are 2 creamy cosmos I grew from seed, I was expecting them to be slightly taller and what have grown more I’ve I’d known. 

Hydrangea and astilbe

Crocosmia Lucifer bulbs, we have these on various places and the more we dig out the more they grow back 

Budlehia and Agrantheum ( daisy like flower probably spelt wrong)

Pink lynchis, self seeds a lot and often moves itself from where I planted it after 1 flowering! We have white ones too this year for the first time – self sworn again

Another hydrangea not as healthy as the first one above

Dianthus which lives in the greenhouse in the winter 

To cheer us up

Us Brits always like to discuss the weather, it’s always too hot, too wet, too cold. Never just right! So it’s been raining here quite a bit for the past few days but I’m so glad as the garden desperately needed it and our water butts were quickly becoming empty!

I have a picture of the rose ‘Nostalgia’ for you today, it has a beautiful scent similar to peaches I think.

Back garden

Following on from a couple of different posts I thought I would do a post specifically showing plants from the back garden (original house). It is pretty small and has 3 sheds including one dedicated to garden tools and other garden related stuff, also a summer house which is hardly used now but does feature on one picture. It’s basically 2 raised beds either side of the summer house with mostly trees and bushes on one side including my cherry tree – it has 2 fruits so far this year and they aren’t ripe enough for harvesting so I hold the birds don’t get there first! The other side is mostly flowers and I do feature them occasionally in the blog. We have about 10 pots with lilies, acers, 2 tiny roses – they get smaller every year and a few other things. There is a double skinned wall by the house with 2 roses with their roots in the drain I think. So here are my pictures: 

2 different Clematis 

Potentilla with rose like red and yellow flowers if it flowers this year


White sweetpeas


Hemerocallis (I think)

Dianthus – new this year 

2 Penstemons

Red lily 

Yellow lily 

Original wonderland garden 

So you all know the name of my blog is Wendys Wonderland Garden, did you ever wonder where the name came from? No, well I’ll tell you anyway.

I recently found a picture of the original Wonderland garden, it was between the front doors of our house and the semi next door. It has sadly been built over now and the plants redistributed across the garden although some are still in pots. It was a secluded area, with a big lilac at the end and a bit of a secret garden probably why I named it a Wonderland garden. When it got built over and I started the blog I just liked the name beginning with W like my name and it’s stuck. The blog though includes the whole of the gardens (2 front and 2 back) as we later bought the aforementioned semi and built a porch (to connect the 2 houses ) over my precious garden where I worked hard to make it nice. There were hellebores, a hosta, penstamen, poppies, an echinacea that didn’t survive the move, bleeding hearts, astrantia, Michaelmais daisy and a few other things. Here are the pictures. I still have the poppy although it’s changed colour now and the last picture is the poppy earlier this year flowering. So there you there, just in case you wondered!

The poppy as it is now. Funny how the colour has changed but I’m sure it’s the same one – Pattys Plum I think. 


They’ve quickly become one of my favourite summer flowers. I should probably say cut flowers but actually I don’t bring them in much. I love them on the plant where I can get my daily fix of the amazing scent.

White ones in the back garden, some in a container and some in the garden. Pinky/purple in the front, some in the garden and some in a pot. In general the ones in pots are doing better.

BBC Gardeners World Live Show 2017

Today I went with a lovely lady from church to the BBC Gardeners World live show in Birmingham NEC. For any overseas readers I should maybe explain BBC Gardeners World is a weekly gardening programme with a magazine and this year celebrates its 50th birthday. We had an interesting trip to the show, in that we couldn’t get off the train at the correct stop as the doors shut just as we got to them and so we had to travel a further stop on, get off and get a train back to the correct station. Fortunately we didn’t have to pay anything extra but it did take up about 45mins we could have been at the show.

Its pretty similar to RHS Chelsea flower show in that there are show gardens and many stalls and a couple of flower marquees. There are also a couple of theatre set ups for ‘celebrity’ gardeners such as Monty Don and Carol Klein to speak and we heard Carol Klein today. The BBC Good Food show (another magazine) was on today as well at the same venue although most of it was very expensive. We did enjoy some samples of cheese and sausages though.

Here are some of my pictures from the show gardens and floral marquee.




Firsts of the season

Just a few pictures of ‘firsts’ of the season. A rose called ‘Hot Chocolate’ with a lovely scent. It’s actually not the first rose to flower in the garden but it is the first of the ‘new’ roses only 2 years old (I think) opposed to the others which have been in the garden all my life!

A purple cornflower grown from seed and planted only a few weeks ago.

A sweet pea in a pot, not grown as tall as expected so far and therefore looks slightly ridiculous with the 2m supports it’s got! But it smells amazing and is more purple than the picture shows 

Busy, busy, busy!

Well we were certainly lucky with the lovely sunny weather on Friday for the day out at Chatsworth flower show. It’s not been as nice since! However, there was some dry weather on Saturday and I managed to get 2 trays of seedlings in the garden. 1st picture cosmos and 2nd picture zinnia which some pest has been eating in the greenhouse. I don’t know who or how. I put a line of slug pellets in front of the door on the outside and have been collecting dead slugs ever since. 

I think I could do a post daily at the moment as there is something new flowering daily but that would probably be too much for you my lovely readers. Here’s a few things flowering right now in my garden. The pale coloured foxglove is so pretty and I don’t think I planted it myself, think it’s self sowen. 

RHS Flower Show at Chatsworth 

I was up early to visit the first RHS flower show at Chatsworth in Derbyshire. I had arranged to go with my friend who lives about 1/2 hour away in the Macclesfield countryside, it was a lovely drive up there, all green opposed to last time I went when it was so cloudy they were coming down to meet me. Sadly I managed to leave my camera in the car so I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned.

It was a bit different in that the site has a river and the flower show was both sides of it with 2 bridges over, one much sturdier than the other. We were only there a few hours so tried to see as many of the gardens as we could. Here are the pictures I took. Hopefully we’ll get to go next year for longer.