My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

Wordless Wednesday- hollyhock 


Wordless Wednesday- Rudbeckia Goldstrum

Apologies for the earlier blank blog. Hope this works better 

Happy Friday 

Just a little picture of a summer flowering container with what I think of as a happy flower – the gerbera – apparently a peranniel one who lives in the greenhouse in winter just in case! And a lovely fuschia.

Wordless Wednesday- new delphiniums 

Wordless Wednesday 

My cute little wooden wheelbarrow with yellow petunias

August in my garden 

I can’t believe it’s August already, this year is flying by! The garden is growing well along with the weeds, due in part to so much rain! This is making it challenging to get much gardening done and I have a list of plants to be moved and still some to be planted out from the greenhouse. Anyway, I have much to choose from in regards to what’s currently flowering so here goes: 

Half hardy Fuchsia in my little owl planter. I usually buy a small plug plant in summer for this planter and a pansy or ornamental cabbage in winter. 

New Echinacea Cheyenne and Penstamen Apple Blossom bought at Tatton flower show recently 

Sweetpeas still going strong 

New Rose Dorothy House flowering well 

Zinnia grown from seed

New Gallardia also bought at Tatton flower show

Rose Hot Chocolate 

Rose Cranford 

Wordless Wednesday 

So just to explain. On the website that hosts this blog they have a feature on a Wednesday called wordless Wednesday which I think is supposed to be a picture and no words. This gives me a great opportunity to show off something from the garden but using no words. Sometimes there is just nothing to say about the picture. So in future wordless Wednesday will feature pictures and few words! Hope that makes sense

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2017

This is the third flower show I’ve been to and I think the last for the year. It is the most local to me and one where I often buy plants – 3 this year. I will probably blog about them separately but I got a Penstemon, an Echinacea, and a Gaillardia.

I think we saw all the show gardens, back-to-back, school gardens and the County council gardens of which there are less every year. We also managed the massive floral marquee. In general I loved the vast majority of gardens this year, those very colourful and those that are more relaxed with paler colours.

Here are my pictures, I hope you enjoy them and that it might encourage you to visit the show another year. Always a great day out.

Each year I think there is a flower of the year which appears throughout the whole flower show. This year I actually think there were 2 – both bulbs and properly from the same plant family – Alliums and Agapanthus (I have the latter growing in my garden – a picture of which was on my last blog #wordlesswednesday a day late!

#wordlesswednesday a day late!

Dahlia Tiger eyes 

Pink in the garden

Whenever I’m in the garden I’m always looking to see if anything new is flowering and am ready with my camera to share the pictures with my readers. So today, 4 of the plants I noticed all in the back garden I have to add are pink. You might be forgiven for thinking that we had designed it so that we have plants of the same colour in those 2 flowerbeds but actually this really isn’t the case at all, although we do like this colour in the garden and have more pink in the front. We aren’t disciplined to keep to a set colour scheme and even when I have managed it I’ll find a random plant of a different colour self sowen.

So here are today’s pictures:

Hydrangea with spiraea in the background 

The same spiraea with hydrangea in the background 


Sidalcea with heuchera in the background