My passion in life is gardening and specifically growing flowers from seed

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I don’t remember them being this small but it’s likely that I’ve forgotten! It’s lovely to see new things coming into flower especially in this stormy weather. Fortunately apart from one branch falling off a tree we’ve not really been affected

Happy New Year 2020

Happy new year everyone! It seems to have come round so quickly! Just sharing a photo of our witch hazel plant that’s in bud – I love seeing things in bud. This is the best picture I could get

Wordless Wednesday – Christmas rose

Uncle Tom tulips

On the way back to our hotel from Keukenhof gardens last week we stopped off at a bulb stall and I bought some Uncle Tom tulips – they are darkish red doubles (picture below). I was told to plant them when we got home and they would flower in about 6 weeks. I got round to it today and although there were supposed to be 10 there was only 9 and some were mouldy. I’ve planted them and hope they come up in June!

First daffodil to flower

This is daffodil Minnow and they have appeared in the last few days


They’ve quickly become one of my favourite summer flowers. I should probably say cut flowers but actually I don’t bring them in much. I love them on the plant where I can get my daily fix of the amazing scent.

White ones in the back garden, some in a container and some in the garden. Pinky/purple in the front, some in the garden and some in a pot. In general the ones in pots are doing better.